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Back in April 2020, I created a YouTube channel. I was doing all the things that made me uncomfortable during that time (lol). Anyway, I recorded my journey to my first NPC bodybuilding competition in the Wellness division. It was an interesting journey and I stuck to my “must post once a week” routine. I didn’t have a video that blew up nor did I have a lot of views, but I wanted to just do something different that could encourage me to keep doing uncomfortable things in the future. Once I posted the last video of that series, my show day video, I stopped… I can’t really explain why I stopped… Well, actually I can… let me be transparent...

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We Made It!

4 The Endorphins lasted a full year and I'm so excited about where we are going! I am a walking testimony that all you have to do is try. As I said in my very first blog post, I never had dreams of being my own boss. It never even crossed my mind that one day I would be running my own business! Yet, here I am encouraging you guys as best I know how and figuring this thing out one day at a time. 4 The Endorphins has been a journey of overcoming my mindset and pushing others to do the same. It's been a path to both mental and physical health. It has been a dialog of topics...

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Don't Dismiss the Small Victories

Too many of us struggle with giving ourselves credit for what we see as small victories. However, I have come to learn that these small victories are what we should applaud the most. You have made it one step closer to the end game. You have taken another step that not everyone has successfully taken. You did not give up. You did not break. You did not fold! Why not celebrate that? Think about where you were 5 years ago or even 3 years ago! Were you where are now? You have grown so much and may not have even noticed. If you don't acknowledge your progress, you will never find joy in your hard work. Why not write down your victories like you write...

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