Don't Dismiss the Small Victories

Too many of us struggle with giving ourselves credit for what we see as small victories. However, I have come to learn that these small victories are what we should applaud the most.

You have made it one step closer to the end game. You have taken another step that not everyone has successfully taken. You did not give up. You did not break. You did not fold! Why not celebrate that?

Think about where you were 5 years ago or even 3 years ago! Were you where are now? You have grown so much and may not have even noticed. If you don't acknowledge your progress, you will never find joy in your hard work. Why not write down your victories like you write down your goals? Write it down so you can see your progress. Not only that, award yourself and thank God for your progress.

They may say you can't, but that small victory showed otherwise. Ignore the naysayers even the one in your own mind. You didn't come this far to stop now. You came this far to keep going; you have already shown that you can go further. 

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