Tell Negative Nancy To SIT DOWN & SHUT UP!

"You're weak... not even worth trying... so many mistakes... you can't succeed." Why do we think this way? Why do we give negative Nancy (the small voice in our head) any power?

She tends to remind us of the darkness before we can see the light. We see the negative before the positive. This little voice in our head can take us to places that lead to depression and anxiety. Yet, we weren't born to think this way. So, why do we give her so much power over our thoughts?

Maybe you had a family member who seemed to make you feel you as if every breath you took was done incorrectly. Or, maybe it was that kid that bullied you in 5th grade. Regardless, we took those emotions and accepted the blame which unfortunately turned into low self-esteem and possibly created or added to the anxiety we may have already had. Over time, this just becomes everyday life and it shouldn't be. My focus this week is to be more mindful of the voice in my head.

This past weekend, I trained to become a group fitness instructor. This was the last goal on my list for 2019. During this training, you have to present your choreography and coach your participants. My first presentation, by my standards, was horrible in my mind. Keep in mind that this is my first time teaching a group fitness class and my background isn't heavy in fitness. I didn't care though at the time. I struggle with any failure. But, was it really a failure? It's time to start looking at mistakes as lessons; lessons that will lead us down a path to a better person. After my presentation, my confidence plummeted and I began to wonder if this path was truly for me. I felt the dark cloud of depression heading my way and I decided I didn't want to listen to that voice in my head. "Work harder girl! Take the feedback and be better." - that's what I told myself. Next day, I ROCKED IT!

You just have to make the decision. What you consider failure can teach you things you couldn't learn without it - like persistence and determination. Push aside that small voice in your head and know that with each mistake or failure, creates a wiser and stronger you. It all starts with self-compassion and letting go of the self-criticism. If a personal shortcoming is bothering you, focus on what you can take from the situation that will make you better. Learn from it; build on it; become a better you.

Shut negative Nancy! We got this!

Keep Pushing!

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