Time Flies, But You're the Pilot

We have completed our first week of the year, but you have more than enough time to plan out your future. It always amazed me when I think back to middle school and how I thought the days were so long and Christmas couldn't get here fast enough. As an adult, TIME FLIES. It's like there are so many things to do and not enough time to them which leads to unwanted stress and anxiety. To combat this feeling, I attempt to stick to a morning routine.

A morning routine starts your day with accomplishments which can set the mood for the rest of your day as well as keeps you in the present and not stressed about the future. Your morning routine can include waking up by 7am, meditating, journaling, or completing a 30-minute workout. You should do a trial and error to determine what is best for you and what makes you feel like you're ready to tackle the world head on. My personal morning routine includes 30-minute cardio depending on how late I wake up, tending to my fur babies, making my breakfast and packing my lunch, reading some inspirational quotes, and listening to a podcast. I am working to avoid social media for the first couple of hours as it can become a distraction and I HATE rushing. Rushing throws off my entire day.

So - how do you create a successful routine? My recommendation would be to start your day early. It doesn't have to be 4:30am early as I try to do but strive to try to be out of bed by 7am. Next, do something to get your body going! That can be doing some form of cardio, yoga, or as simple as going for a short walk. You could also practice meditation and/or start a gratitude journal. To add, spend some time with family prior to work, if possible. Be in the present. Each morning I spend some time with my fur babies before I leave for work and if I go to work later than usual, I spend some time with my husband by making him coffee. Lastly, eat a good breakfast. It doesn't have to be a full spread, but it should be full of protein and nutrients needed to jump start your day. Be consistent with your morning routine; missing a day only makes the routine harder.

The new year has started, and the possibilities are endless. You only die once but strive to live each day. It doesn't matter how long it takes to accomplish your goals, the focus should remain on the fact that the goal was accomplished. If you didn't accomplish a goal, you aren't a failure. You merely found a path that didn't work out as planned. Pick yourself up and try again using a different path. All things are possible, you just need to keep trying. Find your routine, find your groove, and conquer the world!

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