This is 4 The Endorphins… let’s begin!

Hello Fit Fam!

Welcome! Who would have thought, you would be reading this right now? By saying that, I mean I never wanted to “be my own boss” growing up. Let’s talk about it. (1) I struggled badly with depression and anxiety. I had what I called “racing thoughts” often. I will describe it as thousands of thoughts crossing my mind like a flood gate was released and having absolutely no control in stopping it. It was overwhelming! (2) I didn’t want to deal with all the decision making because I wholeheartedly believed it would increase my anxiety and if the business failed, I knew I would slip into a bad case of depression. (3) If you haven’t noticed yet, I had a very negative mindset when it came to this. I came up with EVERY reason not to follow through with this and never thought to ask myself “but what are the reasons you should?”

I am pleased to say that after overcoming myself and changing my mindset, I began to trust God more and believe that maybe I could become a motivator. I wanted to influence people to overcome their own mind as I have and be healthy. It became my vision to create a brand that not only opens a dialog on mental illness, but encourages people to become active. I wasn’t really thinking about being an entrepreneur, but I had a message that I wanted to share. Using my own personal experiences, I wanted to let people know that they can manage their mental and physical health with the assistance of an active lifestyle. I want people to realize that their current predicaments do not define their future by motivating them and providing coping mechanisms based on my own experiences and research. I’m not saying that this it’s an easy journey because I know far too well that it’s not. However, it is a journey. You will have to choose to be more than your darkness, force your mind to seek the positive in your struggle, and hold on to that. You can push through, and you will overcome.

Without further ado, I present to you... 4 The Endorphins… enjoy!

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  • Jennifer Williamson

    It’s so easy to put on a smile and act happy even you are really miserable inside. Mental illness sucks. Everyone always assumes I’m happy, but I struggle all the time just trying to make it through the day. Nice to know I’m not alone and it can get better. Thank you for starting this. Love you!

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