From Passion to Purpose

This past weekend wasn't all that great. It started with a debilitating headache. With my headache, I couldn't do much so I mostly laid around and then came the negative thoughts. Throughout the day, I began to think I wasn't good enough or had the skill set to do all the things I set out to do with my fitness journey and this business. What did I get myself into??? *cue anxiety attack*

You see, I want to build a legacy. I wanted to create a brand and platform that would be used to motivate and encourage people while also encouraging and educating all those who would listen (or read) about living a healthier lifestyle. I don't have a fitness or nutrition degree nor do I have any business-related degrees so what qualifies me to follow through with this? My passion... allow me to explain.

I felt God was pushing me to follow through with 4 The Endorphins. As I have stated so many times before, I never wanted to be an entrepreneur. I didn't think I was qualified or had the mindset to do so and I was OK with that. However, my plan clearly wasn't in alignment with God's plan. I began to dream about 4 The Endorphins every night. I saw me speaking at events, selling fitness apparel, and connecting people with therapist and resources they needed to positively impact their mental health. I didn't even know the first steps to starting a business, but I knew I had to... so I did.

I may not know my full purpose, but I know something I am passionate about. I am passionate about mental health and helping others. I also know the purpose of this business is so big that it is bound to challenge every capacity of my being to be my best self both mentally and physically.

Don't allow any situation or person (not even yourself) to divert you from your passion. Through your passion, you just may find your purpose. Discover who you are and choose the path that not only pushes you to evolve as a person, but to help others evolve as well. Your story is important and your dreams matter. Make an impact by embracing who you are and what you're passionate about and leveraging the lessons you've learned throughout your life to assist others.

Choose intent over habit. Push through.

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